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i know my choice. that's my "2 cents more," and that's it for tonight on "the willis report." thank you for joining us. have a great night. ♪ >> good evening, everybody. thank you for being with us. tonight you're looking at one of the many american foreign outposts shattered by the president because of terrorist threats. this is the u.s. embassy in yemen. it is closed. this is the united states embassy in cairo, also closed. the u.s. embassy in bahrain closed. ninety -- 19 of our embassies or consulates in 16 countries across the middle east and all ordered closed by the obama administration. the obama foreign policy effectively closed for business in the middle east. citing threats from the
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terrorist groups that the president once declared to be on the run repeatedly during his campaign for reelection. the obama administration ordered the closing of those 19 embassies and consulates throughout the middle east for at least the rest of the week. and that is based on what lawmakers and administration sources are calling increased on-line chatter amongst al qaeda and it al qaeda affiliated groups. fox news confirming tonight that enter subject conversations between al qaeda had and his counterpart in yemen led to these closures. thanks to the president's spokesperson, those terrorist groups now know the administration's timetable for reopeeing the closed outposts. >> our current affirmation suggests that al qaeda and affiliated organizations continue to plan terrorist attacks in the region and beyond . and our information suggests that they may focus efforts to conduct attacks between now and
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the end of august. lou: white house sources confirming to fox news james rosen that the new said -- new national security adviser, the public face of the benghazi disaster is now the brains behind this current operation after serving as the principal voice pushing the president for this course of action in an effort to avoid a repeat of anything approaching benghazi. the administration has done little to beef up security for our outposts abroad other than approving an extra 1,000 marines to the current 1200 assigned to provide security where just some of the 1502 compounds and facilities around the world. why did the white house provide such detailed information about a possible terrorist attack? it is all about saving lives, of course, but also saving some face. it will take up with the white house has revealed too much,
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whether american interests are at greater risk following the decision to pull back in the face of these threats. national security analyst, former pentagon official along with fox news middle east affairs analyst. a hard-fought campaign in virginia. charity and tough. citizens united now with a new documentary detailing former dnc chair and clinton adviser history of crony capitalism as he campaigns against virginia's popular attorney general for the governorship. the citizens united president joins us tonight. and tonight major league baseball has marked the beginning of a nude tough on drugs era. major-league baseball suspended yankee slugger alex rodriguez for performance enhancing drug use and obstruction of its investigation. fox sports ken rosenthal on the road forward for the disgraced $275 million man. we begin tonight with and and
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comparably contradictory president obama who with his vice president spend nearly all of last year proclaiming al qaeda on the run. most of our embassies and consulates closed across the middle east and north africa tonight. the administration trying to rationalize its failed policies in the region. the risk of revealing far too much, offering a leak favorable to the obama white house and its outright praise of the intelligence community's successful interception of conversations between top officials of al qaeda. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry without report. >> president obama has repeatedly denounced leaks. there was an extraordinary breached the today putting the administration and a flattering light, as u.s. officials told the new york times the white house decided to close the american embassies after intercepting electronic communications between top al qaeda leaders.
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one u.s. official boasting, this was significant because it was the big guys talking and talking about very specific timing for an attack or a tax. the leak about intercepting electronic communications is a bit unfortunate timing for the ministration just as it has been taking heat over whether the in as a surveillance programs go too far. this new affirmation showing close coordination between top affiliate's raises new questions about whether the terror group is really on the run. >> we have brought continual pressure to bear on both al qaeda core and affiliates. we have, for a number of years now, made clear that our intention in terms of the threat presented by al qaeda has shifted in focus to some of these affiliate's, in particular a queue ap. >> the president was not quite as nuanced. >> i said we would refocus on
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the people who actually attacked us. today al qaeda is on the run. >> the white house aides said cia director john brennan and other officials have noted al qaeda affiliate's were gaining steam. >> did he give the full picture to the american people in the campaign, and al qaeda when that was his talking point? >> i think it is indisputable that the elimination was a major accomplishment and the effort against al qaeda. we have been clear, and the president has been clear that the threat from al qaeda very much remains. >> republicans note al qaeda in the arabian peninsula is its deadliest affiliate of all. >> al qaeda is in many ways stronger than it was before because it has mutated in spread . >> ten times ii the mideast with a u.s. is also holding talks in egypt with ed jailed senior leader of the muslim brotherhood
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amid fears the government is losing control of key cities. that will allow the sinai to become a wild west of terrorism were groups like al qaeda can coordinate and plot the tax. lou: thank you, ed henry. joining us now to discuss what has happened since all of those administration officials claimed al qaeda was on the run, a former pentagon official fox news national security analyst. fox news middle eastern terrorism analyst. thank you both for being here. let's start with the amount of information that has been released by this administration, they have made a major production out of this. is it appropriate or is it to revelatory. >> it is a couple of things. you want to make sure you protect americans. give them adequate warning. what this is is getting out the information, trying to up foil some attack. on the other hand, like you
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said, our adversaries know that this is how we're listening to them, finding and what they're doing. they also know that if they do have an attack planned on an american embassy, just wait until we reopen in about a week's time to read to me the bigger question is how does it get to this place? how year ago was al qaeda on the run and now somehow they are mysteriously in more places and a stronger than ever before? i think it's because especially after the attack in benghazi we did not get get the guys that killed our people. lou: that was the narrative, even as the president was not present for the attack on benghazi and still continue the narrative basically unchallenged by the national media. your thoughts? >> there is definitely a problem in washington, specifically in the administration. reading and understanding what is al qaeda, if it is weaker are
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not, it is not the central part of al qaeda has shifted from power to the affiliates. the center is still around. it always has a new chairman. the affiliate's growing. and the offshoots a growing. there are ten more battlefields that al qaeda is now conducting operations and then when it began in 2001 or when it attacked us. the most recent one is northern china -- northern sinai which could disrupt the suez canal transportation system or the arab-israeli. so by far al qaeda is much stronger, lighter, complicated and complex than it was before. lou: is there a lack of -- well, i would just say news, the press, involvement in the story of al qaeda? this administration has approached the line very, very carefully and closely saying -- regarding the war on terrorism to be a demand. what is going on?
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>> the only people that believe the president of the washington press corps. al qaeda is bigger than ever. much bolder than ever. if you look at the russian president, he doesn't think things are finished and the reset is working. the only people who buy into this world view of the washington press corps. ten years from now will look back on the big story of all, why were they sleeping? there were supposed to be watchdogs. it became the lap dogs of government. lou: almost 11 months from benghazi almost a year ago. and we have not seen those -- the terrorists who carried out those attacks have not been found, punished. there's nothing like an offensive by this administration, our government against al qaeda right now. >> as a matter of fact, yes, we have seen some of those who had waged the operation and
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benghazi. they are in downtown cairo. they are in the urban enclaves of the muslim brotherhood. i have seen youtube videos of the face of some of the people who claim that there were part of it. the problem is, we have not had a decision in washington to go after that. anywhere in north africa. that makes a big difference between how we reacted to benghazi where we have had high officials being killed in any operation before that. it is very unique. lou: thank you very much. more on the obama administration's reaction to the al qaeda threat throughout the broadcast. stay with us. we're coming right back. the race for governor in virginia, tossup. a new movie on former dnc chairman could swing the vote. filmmaker and president of citizens united tells us all about fast harry.
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♪ lou: on wall street today very little news. -tocks finished mixed in the lightest trading volume of the year. the dow fell 46 points. s&p down to, nasdaq up three points of the day. the "washington post" company announcing that it is selling its flagship newspaper to amazon founder and chief executive. agreeing to pay a personal transaction, i should point out, -250 million in cash for the washington post and affiliated newspapers and publications, less than 1% of its $28 million net worth. virginia democratic gubernatorial candidate under
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assault after a new report shows the sec is now investigating a company founded by the candid it. green tech automotive also the subject of a new documentary slamming the candidate for his record of job creation or non creation. joining us to talk about his new film called a "fast terry" is president of citizens united. citizens united foundation. thank you for being with us. what has been the reaction to this latest cinematic adventure of yours? >> thank you for having me. "fast terry" is a tremendous film. it is really a story of individuals and their lives as they got touched by terry. we found former employees at green tech and people who were -- knew him, worked at the car company and actually got laid off by him. he did not create jobs. they got laid off at the green took factory.
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he is somebody the we wanted to introduce to virginians through this documentary film, 29 minutes. folks can go to the website em watch your right online or it's available on three different stations in virginia. lou: and the company that he helped found has until the end of next year, as i understand it, to create 300 -- 350 jobs and invest 60 million at the plan. these things like generous deadlines. what is the story? >> first of all, he is really somebody who is a crony capitalist, someone who has used in his own words in his own books written about how he uses his political ties and knowledge of business leaders to make money. that is how he has really made
7:18 pm
his money from global crossings or green tech. really will be seeing here is a company that is not doing anything or at least the things that they promised it would do. he's out there trying to raise money from chinese investors using this program, the one you mentioned that is under investigation by not only the department of, and security ig but the sec. two federal investigations ongoing. what we're going to see of the next year as a lot of problems for a car company had mayor may not be a really good company. but his involvement with it has cost them a lot of headaches. lou: let me get your reaction to something that the chairman of the republican national committee did today. he told nbc and cnn that the republican party would not be participating in their debates if they continue with their insistence that they're going to produce documentary's of myopic and the miniseries exulting the
7:19 pm
former secretary of state. i have to tell you, it's almost enough to make me sign up again with the republican party to see him stand of like that and say, enough nonsense. >> well, look. am glad that the chairman of the republican party did it. it is funny that they mentioned us, citizens united, in a letter because obviously we had to get to the supreme court with hillary the movie in order to fight for our right to make a movie in advertising. of course nbc and cnn who attacked us for corporate dollars being used in politics, of course, all corporate dollars that would be used to make and produce a documentary film or in the case of nbc, a film starring diane lane as hillary clinton. i find it to be intriguing at least. lou: intriguing. as kind a word as you could possibly use to. >> how much anything with diane lane.
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lou: there you go. thank you for being with us. good to see you. and check local listings for broadcasts of fast terry" or go online, as david just said, and look at -- "fast terry" or our website and we will have links. now to the weekend box office. the action packed, the two guns taking the top spot, bringing in over 27 million for universal during a slow weekend. last week's number one, the wolverine dropping to second. almost $202 million. the sony fell disappointed up, debuting in third place with $18 million which seems like a lot of money . apparently not. up next, no longer a laughing matter for the white house. in the "chalk talk" will outline the president's stalled agenda seeking approval ratings and his new low as the battle rages.
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♪ >> people always say, hey, letterman, they say, why don't you make jokes about obama?
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i don't make jokes about him because i don't want the fbi tapping my phone. my phone. the obama joke. the irs. forget that. >> president obama was visiting middle school yesterday and while he was there he said every school in the u.s. should have high-speed internet. so you can read our e-mail faster? lou: a new study out by the center for media public affairs at george mason university finds the president is the number one target of late night jokes, at least for the first half of this year. compare that to last year, quite a difference. obama is the punch line of 288 monologue jokes, far ahead of the next joke about -- joked about individual, none other than anthony wiener, the subject of 120 jokes. you know things are not going well when you are in any category with anthony wiener. the president will be on the jay leno show tomorrow.
7:25 pm
we will see whether his jokes about the president continued. in the meanwhile, the president is not exactly helping his cause. a report out by the hill today points out i nearly six months after delivering a state of the union message the president's second term ageeda, appears to be, as they put it, gathering dust. gun-control, number one issue at the time. well, that died in the senate. immigration, the king of a pill, dead on our arrival at the house of representatives. a proposal to raise the minimum wage to $9 per hour has not earned a single hearing in the house of representatives. and the president's good pals, his good buddies, organized labor now want the $15 an hour pay structure for fast-food workers, and all that has created is more disgruntled emplooees in the fast-food industry because that just is not happening no matter what the service employees international
7:26 pm
union is telling those 750,000 fast-food workers. $15 per hour is not happening. and sequester, the president's idea, but he blames republicans for it. did we mention congress is on a five week recess? the president has been such a failure with the major issues of the state of the union address that now he apparently wants to become the nation's culture warrior as well. just listen to what he said during an interview with amazon recently where he talks about kim kardashian and connie west saying, i think there has been a shift in culture. kids were not monitoring every daa what kim kardashian was wearing or would he was going on vacation, thinking that somehow that was the mark of success. mr. president, criticizing those two is like making -- taking candy from the baby.
7:27 pm
they named their baby northwest. the mainstream media is watching what the first lady herself is wearing just as much as i watched kim kardashian. mrs. obama on the cover of vogue magazine not once but twice, and we don't even count the number of headlines generated when she got banks earlier this year. does it make you at all uncomfortable to criticize a lavish lifestyle when you're living in a pretty fair sized house yourself riding around in a mighty big airplane and plain 134 rounds of golf since becoming president by the way, i don't need to remind you your leaving saturday for in a day vacation to martha's vineyard where you will stay at about an $8 million state. but that is at least -- that is at least a gesture on your part, stepping down a little bit because the sequester is at work . that $21 million mansion you normally use and stay at just was not available, but it still
7:28 pm
looks good. about one-third of what you normally would do. mr. president collier making the job of the late-night talk-show hosts way too easy. by the way, you are not doing too badly for the rest of us either. the republican national committee stands up and takes on the mainstream liberal media, threatening to drop nbc and cnn over there hillary clinton miniseries and documentary. monica crowley and ed rollins on what has happened to a republican party. they are standing up? ♪ [ jackie ] its justso frustrating...
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♪ lou: what more despicable behavior from san diego mayor, the man who wants to be mayor of new york, anthony wiener, a tent woman has now come forward. accusing the mayor of making unwanted sexual advances, this town and church.
7:32 pm
he is scheduled to begin two weeks of intensive therapy at an undisclosed clinic to address his alleged inappropriate behavior toward women. that sounds like the right thing to do, does this? anthony wiener is apparently no longer ashamed. the new york post is reporting he was actually encouraging crowds to chant carlos danger while marching in an ecuadorean pride parade yesterday. no word from ecuador on what they think about all that. more than a quarter-century after falsely accusing a gang of white men of raping her, she is making defamation payments. set off a national firestorm back in 1987 when she and her handlers, including the rev. al sharpton, told police the six white man had abducted, brutalized and raped her for four days. a grand jury eventually concluded her story was a hoax.
7:33 pm
reportedly paid just over $3,700 to one of those men, former prosecutor stephen because. currently paying $6,207 per month. owes more than $430,000, meaning the payments will likely continue for the rest of her life. senior members of congress are denying a report by the guardian newspaper that the national security agency i lawmakers and refusing to turn over basic information. senator chambliss, congressman peter king, and one more kamal top members of intelligence committees, arguing they are cooperating fully. among those claiming they are being denied access, congressman morgan griffith, alan grayson, justin on gosh, and john conyers two of those folks -- well, we will just leave it at four. turning back to our top story, a
7:34 pm
worldwide terrorist alert shutting down 19 of our embassies and consulates. the obama administration had all but declared al qaeda was defeated. >> there should be no doubt, today america is stronger and al qaeda is on the path to defeat. >> we decimated the leaders. >> on the path to defeat and osama bin laden is dead. >> we decimated al qaeda central, eliminated osama bin laden. >> al qaeda is much weaker than it was when i came into office. >> osama bin laden is dead, and general motors as a live. >> the war in afghanistan is coming to a close. al qaeda is on the path to the feet. osama bin laden is dead. >> today the core of al qaeda in afghanistan and pakistan is on the path of the feet. the remaining operators spend more time thinking about their own safety and plotting against us. lou: joining us now, radio talk-show host, fox news
7:35 pm
contributor, former reagan political director, fox is political analyst. thank you both for being here. a defeat for al qaeda, and today we are watching the united states close 19 of our facilities in the middle east and north africa. your reaction? >> my reaction is that the president obviously did what he thought he had to to get reelected instead of talking in terms of an ongoing threat. he made some progress, but it's an ongoing threat that will be the the rest of our lifetime and we have to do whatever it is that it takes to eliminate them. we want to walk away from these shortsighted claims of victory. >> the president has both the political problem because of the claims made during the campaign and as a national security problem because al qaeda still we're living in a post osama bin laden era, but not post al qaeda. what the president is doing is a
7:36 pm
direct result the benghazi. what happened last year we lost four americans and the line of fire and demonstration did not left pinkie finger to try to help them when there were under fire, this is what happens. this is why you have civil rights. the national security adviser overreacting. i'm not saying it's not a prudent move. i don't know. to over react like this is a way to a clean up the last national security and political mess, this is where we are today. it's not a good play. lou: reporting that susan rice is the primary mover on this operation, the response of this of ministration to the threats and at the same time revealing so much information about the discussions between top al qaeda leaders. this is, to me, again an instance in which all the world, at least to me -- and i don't
7:37 pm
know, but it appears that they hhve gone way too far in revealing what they know, how they learned it, and from home. >> i agree. that has been the way of this of ministration for since the beginning. leeks, leeks, leaks. we have given out a information that is obviously only giving comfort to the enemy. at the end of the day there is too much knowledge out there of our tactics and at the end of the day as was mentioned earlier, all they have to wait is two weeks for the indices to open up again and know that these targets are so important we are willing to it shut them down. lou: john mccain, lindsay gramm, the senator in cairo now at the presidents be asked to do what? >> well, ostensibly to try to get some sort of unity government formed including the muslim brotherhood, giving the military on board. the military is saying, wait a minute. lou: the president's --
7:38 pm
>> out. correct. the president of the united states of this administration was so deeply invested in the muslim brotherhood's ascent in egypt and their control in egypt but the fact that the military command on the side of the good guys to remove the muslim brotherhood creating this infamous state in egypt seems to be lost on the president. let me just finish. lindsay gramm and john mccain on this so-called peace mission to try to get a unity government when the people of egypt for the most part to not want the muslim brotherhood in the longer in power. once again this of ministration finds itself on the wrong side of the egyptian people and history. >> what i get irritated at is mccain and gramm are being used. they represent no part of the republican party except voters in south carolina and arizona. mccain every other week is being used by the other side. schumer today talking about what a wonderful guy he is. the bottom line is, john mccain
7:39 pm
-- lou: a lot of democrats. just exactly. >> and my sense, the infamous trio, the former senator from connecticut, joe lieberman. i think they're being used. they don't represent anything. they can't represent the administration and are being used as a trojan horse. it irritates me to know wind. lou: we pointed out on this broadcast last week, it's a strange thing. mccain's legacy is associated with partnership with democratic legislation, whether it's mccain fine gold or fine gold mccain. whether it is kennedy mccain or mccain kennedy. mccain lieberman. the list goes on. now mccain warned. there is just, it seems, no lost opportunity on the part of this man to associate himself with the administration, the democratic party. it is a career long peculiarity.
7:40 pm
>> john mccain the maverick rises again. lou: nothing very maverick about a person that -- >> you wants to be front and center in any kind of action and is willing to betray his own party. >> i just wish the democratic party were saddled with their own john mccain. >> across the aisle and become an independent out there with bernie sanders. lou: not getting over it. thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. up next, one federal reserve bank president wants to dial back the bond buying program. it's really more than one. they're rather predictable. they take turns talking about this. we will show you how the market reacted from the lightest trading day of the year. not much trading volume, but lots of excitement. before the next. ♪
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♪ lou: and new study finds a huge
7:44 pm
gender gap when it comes to young people choosing to live at home with their parents. according to pugh, record 21 million people from the millennium generation live with mom and dad last year. 40 percent of those warm and compared to only 32 percent of women. the federal ressrve bank of dallas president richard fisher added began saying the central bank is closer to execution node and scaling back the bond buying program. really? well, that is the kind of talk that we had last month which kind of messed things up. we're talking now with s&p capitol iq global equity strategist alec young to straighten mr. fisher and everyone else out. good to have you with this. >> good to be back. lou: what good is that comment? i want to address it tonight because this is the nonsense that got started back in june.
7:45 pm
bernanke blamed democrats. here is fisher again. come on. >> a lot of mixed messages ever since chairman bernanke first broached the tapering topic on may 22nd markets have been all over the place. he has done a good job basically saying the on limited bond buying will last forever, but as to precisely when we began to cut it back it will be dated dependent. the markets know that governor fisher is an allied air. he is against the plan. lou: frankly, the real question, shame on the business press for not taking it up with him. the comment on disinflation by the federal reserve open market committee. that is, if it is disinflation that this policy group is worried about they have a lot more to talk about here then tapering and the bond asset purchasing program. and the markets themselves are becoming inured to all of the
7:46 pm
chatter and the noise. wordy see this market going? >> we have a positive. has worked well. it gets more difficult to stay as positive as we keep going higher and client. clearly what the fed will do is the biggest challenge facing this market right now. at this point we are remaining positive, but i think the fed has to convince people that they can manage this exit strategy ann that it is not going to be -- lou: the fed is exit strategy? >> and it will not be too violent. the economy will be strong enough stand with. lou: and earnings right now. how they look to you? what will move this market one way or the other over the next several months. >> we have had such a big run. i would not be surprised in the short run if we got a little bit of a breather. earnings, second quarter earnings have been good.
7:47 pm
not great, but beating a lobar, as they often do. we track the consensus coming into the season. lou: you guys are pretty optimistic. >> looking for 3 percent. we are above 75% through and about 4 and half. you will generally see companies set the barlow and beaded, but even with that it is still pretty modest growth and there is very little revenue. lou: still a lot stronger than the consensus view. >> right. lou: on earnings. that is to your credit cards and that is good is because of least there's something besides the fed that is justified the move higher and stocks. lou: what do you see happening with the economy itself? is there going to be a participation? housing? it looks like it is back and not just a bit. i don't know, but it looks that way. it looks as though we're not seeing a terrific job growth than some anticipated going into the summer. your thoughts?
7:48 pm
>> we have seen some moving indicators like to indices for manufacturing, service sector is ahead of expectations. we are still looking at a modest improvement in the second half. because it is coming off such an anemic pace we are probably looking at two and a half% growth at best of the next, you know, you're too. it gets better, but as we have seen for several years it is -- better is a relative thing. lou: correctly, is there a spark that we need it can change that two and a half to four, three and after four? when you look at everything lining up, it looks good. there is such a lack of confidence. >> there are a lot of things that could et growth going, but nothing seems to come out. lou: did you say white house? [laughter] thank you so much. good to have you with us. up next, major league baseball commissioner dropped the hammer on alex rodriguez.
7:49 pm
he is suspended. he is playing baseball? with a minute. fox sports senior baseball writer ken rosenthal explains it all to us next. ♪ right now, 7 years of music is being streamed. a quarter million tweeters are tweeting. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online. that's why hp built a new kind of server. one that's 80% smaller. uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the room it needs to grow. this&is gonna be big. hp moonshot. it's time to build a better enterprise. together.
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♪ lou: major league baseball suspending 13 players, principal among them alex rodriguez. however, rodriguez is set to make his 2013 debut tonight after major league baseball suspended the yankee third baseman for a record 211 games starting thursday. vowing to appeal the decision. here to explain it all, the suspensions, the new major league baseball, and what in the
7:53 pm
world is going on, ken rosenthal, senior baseball writer for fox sports. gadhafi with this. tell us -- this truly is the beginning of something new about major league baseball. >> they have had testing in place for some years now with penalties. this investigation was a little different because it was an investigation of an anti aging clinic in south florida that was alleged to have provided performance enhancing drugs to players. baseball went outside the testing program to investigate these players to buy and that is led to the suspensions announced today. lou: and that is a big deal when they go outside the testing program and the union looks like it is -- well, it certainly is in full compliance with and in agreement with major league baseball itself. i've never seen that kind of, if you well, i joined you on this issue.
7:54 pm
>> it is a joint agreement. that is precisely what is called the union is in an interesting place here because on one hand it is charged with enforcing the agreement and doing everything possible to make sure the agreement works respectively. on the other hand it will be defending alex rodriguez vigorously because as the union chief said today they feel that the penalty is too harsh. not appropriate. so the union is kind of caught in between, and the difference now compared to tender 15 years ago is that the players want this stuff out of the game and they're very vocal about it. that is why the union has essentially softened its position. lou: and with that softer opposition, what are the prospects? 211 games. this is serious stuff. one of the prospects? >> hard to know without knowing the evidence, but the union will argue that this penalty for a
7:55 pm
first-time offender under the drug program is way beyond where should be. along this penalty for a first-time user, a first time violator is 65 games. as the one that went to ryan braun. so baseball obviously feels that it has ample evidence to justify the rest of this season and next season, to under 11 games. we will see if, indeed, before an arbitrator that holds. lou: and there's another charge in this is interesting. it looks to me like it may indicate something new about the era that is dawning with the suspensions. that is obstructing of the major league baseball investigation itself. your thoughts on that? >> that is one of the allegations against alex rodriquez. and as far as we know right now all we know is the statement the baseball issue today, which was that in addition to using performance enhancing drugs over
7:56 pm
multiple years and the drugs included testosterone and human growth hormones, in addition to that baseball has cited him for obstructing and frustrating their investigation of biogenesis. how exactly he did that we don't know just yet. lou: and the impact on baseball itself, it seems as though professional sports is absolutely impervious to the scandals that have touched, whether it be basketball, professional football, baseball. do you expect there to be an impact, and will it be positive or negative as a result of what -- the suspensions? >> that's a great point about professional sports basically being impervious to these things . baseball has had record revenues for several years now. all of the indicators for the most part are up, attendance, local television revenue, national television revenue.
7:57 pm
these flareups with performance enhancing drugs have not affected that one bit. if anything, baseball is making positive strides, at least to show that it cares about this.e lou: we thank you for being with us. us. we're going to say good night ♪ f bl cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytim'. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needingo go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all youredal conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, set stomach, delayed backache omuscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing,
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stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial.
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8:00 pm
neil: does this ring a bell? it is still there and it is still ticking. these guys, well, they are still talking. welcome, everybody. i am neil cavuto. forget about this latest terror threat that has a lot of our embassies closed. this keeps piling up and is a ticking timebomb do come in turn? here's what is also certain. not only washington, the congress and the ignorance of it. check this out from congressman keith ellito

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